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If you are getting this message it means you have invalid files.

  • 1. Start Steam as an Administrator
  • 2. Game Library -> Arma 3 -> Properties -> Verify Steam Game Cache
  • 3. Breaking Point Launcher -> Installation & Updates. Run an install/update again to make sure you have all the necessary files.
  • 4. Temporarily Disable any Anti-Virus / Firewalls that could be locking Arma PBO's or blocking the steam signature ticket.
  • 5. Make sure you are not running any additional mods; open Arma 3 on Steam, go to Configure -> Expansions and disable any mods. Also make sure that you haven't accidentally installed any mods under the Arma 3\Addons folder since those get loaded automatically.

If you need any further assistance, contact us in our Teamspeak Help Desk @

Notice: If a patch was deployed recently then the Content Delivery Network Node in your country may still be updating, wait 5 mins then attempt to install / update again.