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You must be "whitelisted" to play the Breaking Point mod


  1. Register on the Breaking Point Forums YOU MUST FIRST BECOME A MEMBER HERE
  2. After Creating an account, you must then go to your account settings page, Located Here
    1. After that scroll down and you will see the Manage Steam Button.
    2. Through this panel you can link your account using steam.
BP Forum User Menu
  1. You will then see this screen;
    1. Sign into Beaking Point using your Steam Username and Password
    2. This will then completed the Whitelisting Process
Steam Sign In Page


  • You can only link one steam account to one forum user profile, attempting to link two accounts to the same froum profile will cause issues with the whitelisting process.
  • This may mean you will be unable to play Breaking Point until the issue with your account has been resolved.
    • If you suspect that you have multiple Break Point Foum accounts and need to ascertain which account is your primary follow these steps;
  1. Log out of the forums if you are already logged in.
    1. Log back into the Breaking Point Forums via the Steam Log in
      Forum Log In
    2. Click on the steam Icon
    3. Enter in your Steam User Name & Password

The account information that comes up is the 1st account you registered.