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A Nomad and Ranger seated in the open transport compartment of an Ural offroad truck.

Vehicles are a commonly sought after means of transportation for survivors and items in Breaking Point.

Although high-tech military vehicles such as tanks or gunships are no longer available in the post-apocalyptic world, a clever use of armed technicals or a sharpshooter aboard helicopter can wreak serious havoc in the otherwise rustic wasteland.

Multiple types of vehicles are available to use on land, sea and air, each with their own features. A handful of vehicles possess unique capabilities.

Destroying a vehicle operated by a player of an opposing faction can award faction points.

Vehicle respawning

Vehicles are saved automatically at certain intervals in the server session; for peace of mind players can send a request to force save any vehicle via a context menu action when close to it.

On every server restart, any vehicles that are destroyed have a chance of respawning at one of their randomized respawn points. Any vehicles on Debug Island are destroyed on server startup, along with any vehicles on water that are not boats. If a vehicle is flipped upside down it will be reverted to a standing position on server restart.

If a vehicle is stuck at a certain spot it can be towed or pushed into place with another vehicle at the cost of taking a varying degree of damage to either or both vehicles.

Vehicles that are abandoned for long periods of time may despawn on server restart.


Main article: Repair

Vehicles that respawn or are damaged need to be repaired in order to continue operation at full capacity. A toolbox or Engineer Utility Pack is necessary for any repairs, and completely destroyed parts need to be replaced by items scavenged from the world. Vehicle parts can also be removed (also requiring a toolbox) in order to prevent them from being taken or further damaged by other survivors.

Ground vehicles


The two variants of Ural off-road truck possess immense capacity for both troop and cargo capacity. It can hold an immense inventory, but in turn is quite slow and vulnerable.

The Fuel Truck can also hold inventory, but has seats for a driver and one passenger only. However, it can refuel any type of vehicle, which is invaluable in remote areas and for any kind of helicopter use.


The offroad vehicles are great for operating on any land terrain. With the exception of the speedy and stealthy ATV, most offroad vehicles possess a balance of speed, durability and mass, as well as vehicle armour, high caliber machine guns or open transport compartment from which passengers can fire their own weapons from, making them capable of assaulting enemy positions or providing escort to more vulnerable vehicles.


These civilian vehicles are not particularly durable nor do they possess great capacity of inventory, but are fast, small and have multiple seats for up to four passengers and a driver, making them work best for just getting around over long distances.


These are the only option to travel quickly by water. Both can carry up to two passengers, and while the speedboat is faster and more durable of the two, the PBX rubber boat is smaller and much more difficult to spot, especially during nighttime.


The most sought after means of transportation, the currently available aircraft consists solely of unarmed helicopters. Multiple types of helicopters exist in Breaking Point, with each having slightly differing maneuverability, top speed, durability and capacity. Helicopters are known to respawn on helipads in military bases and airfields.


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