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Basic Guides

Below is a range of common issues, fixes, troubleshooting guides and suggestions that will help you to resolve your issues with Breaking Point.

This guide be added consistently as more fixes, tips and tricks to resolve the common issues some players experience with Breaking Point become available


See this post on the Wiki for how to install Breaking Point using the Steam Workshop Installation

White Listing:

See this post on the Wiki for how to have your account “whitelisted” Whitelisting


See this post on the Wiki regarding updating Breaking Point: Updating via Steam Workshop

Trouble Shooting 101

Please follow these basic troubleshooting steps before either posting on the forums or jumping into the Breaking Point Team Speak Help desk, Breaking Point Team Speak

Basic Trouble Shooting Tricks

  1. Restart the Breaking Point Launcher
  2. Restart Steam
  3. Restart your PC yes we know it sounds stupid but how many times has this fixed an issue for you or someone else you know?
  4. Are all your Files up to date? See File Verification
  5. Are you running the Breaking Point Launcher in “Administrator Mode?”
    1. "Right Mouse click" on the Breaking Point Launcher icon on your desktop and select “run as administrator”
Run as Administrator

File Verification Process

If you are having issues the first step you need to take is check you Mod Files, Launcher Version & Arma 3 cache Files.

  1. The current version information is available on the Breaking Point [Forum Home Page] right hand side of the Forums home page
  2. Open the Installation / Updates tab in the Breaking Point Launcher to view these details.
Mod Info

Verify the Breaking Point Mod files

  1. Go to the launcher and select the Install / Update Tab
    1. Select “verify game files”
    2. Any corrupted files will show up as red
    3. Re-download the latest patch via the Steam Workshop

  1. If this doesnt fix the issue then;
    1. You need to manually delete the corrupted files
    2. Click on the "Local Files" button in the launcher to open the files location.
    3. Delete the corrupted data files.
    4. Close the launcher and restart it
    5. Steam should start automatically updating / installing the missing files.

Verify the Breaking Point Launcher Version

  1. In the version doesn’t match the current Launcher Version then;
    1. Close the launcher and restart it, if this doesnt fix it then;
  2. Manually run the Launcher update by;
    1. Navigate to where the Breaking Point Launcher files have been installed on your PC (this is different to where the mod files are installed)but will generally be C://Breakingpoint unless you have choosen a different location.
    2. Find the “Update” icon and click on “update”
    3. Allow the process to run, it can take some time so be patient.

Verify the Arma 3 Version

  1. Go to the launcher and select the Install / Update Tab
    1. Go to the Arma 3 Section
  2. Confirm you are running the latest version of Arma 3, if not;
    1. Update Arma 3 through Steam
  3. If the Arma 3 Version is current then;
    1. Select “verify steam cache”
    2. If any files come up as missing or corrupted, select "Force Steam Update"
Arma 3 Info

Game Dependancies

A lot of common issues with installation and updates can be caused by not having the latest version of the following dependencies installed on your computer. Additionally if the below dependencies have become corrupted this can also cause issues:

C++ Runtime

You must have C++ installed on your PC to install & play Breaking Point.

  1. If you are getting error messages about missing C++ runtime files during installation and / or updating;
    1. Restart the Launcher, if no change;
    2. Download the latest version of C++ and install.
  2. Here:

.Netframe Work Errors

  1. If you get this error you will need to install the latest version of .Net frame work
  2. Here:
Framework Error

Antivirus / Firewalls

Sometimes that little bit of software that is protecting your computer may just be blocking Breaking Point.

  1. Has been known to happen with installations i.e. the breakingpoint.exe gets blocked
    1. Turn off your antivirus and / or add an exception to your Anti Virus for Breaking Point
  2. Make sure your Firewall is allowing Breaking Point to make external connections
    1. Add an exception to your Firewall for Breaking Point

Common Whitelisting Issues

The most common issue players have is being rejected due to having multiple Forum accounts linked to the same Steam Account.

Each Steam Account and copy of Arma 3 has a unique Player ID and GUID, linking these details to two or more forum accounts will stop you from playing Breaking Point until the issue is resolved.