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Traps are available to be set in Breaking Point, capable of inflicting various levels of harm to their victims.

Setting traps

  • Traps can be placed by double-clicking them while in inventory, and they use the custom placement system for precise positioning.
  • Players can build as many traps as they'd like and traps don't count towards storage object limitation.
  • Certain types of traps such as bear traps can be picked up and reused somewhere else.
  • Constructable traps are persistent and are reloaded on the server restart.

Trap types

Currently there are two different types of traps available with more to be added in the future;

Loot item

  • AT Mine – anti-vehicle mine which triggers on heavier vehicles driving over it, dealing heavy damage.
  • Bear Trap – a hunting trap which will cripple and cause heavy bleeding on players, or instantly killing animals or infected.
  • Trip Mine – anti-personnel mine that can be placed in most locations, such as doorways, on roads, and outside of havens.
    • Bear Traps and Trip Mines are Currently Unavailable

Constructable traps

  • I.E.D. – Improvised Explosive Device is a constructible trap which can be placed in most locations and also attached to a haven or Cast Iron Safe lock mechanism for additional protection.
    • If the lock key code is entered incorrectly three times, the I.E.D. will explode killing or harming nearby players.
    • The blueprint for I.E.D. is only available to level 3 outlaw faction players upon respawning.