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Appearance of a traitor nomad and level one nomad.

Traitor is a temporary or persistent status effect which is applied to player characters who attack their own faction or perform other types of traitorous actions. Traitors can be killed by any player for no penalty, and often grant a greater gain of points for characters part of the traitor's faction or the allies of their faction.

Gameplay rules for both "temporary" traitors (flagged as a traitor) as well as "persistent" traitors with negative faction points are mostly the same. However, being flagged as a traitor carries additional penalties as well as all the common effects.

Hunter, Independent and Undead characters are exempt from the traitor system due to their faction design.


The most common cause for becoming a traitor is effectively harming an allied faction player. Becoming temporarily flagged as a traitor occurs whenever a player harms a character allied to their own faction. Becoming a traitor persistently will result from the player's faction points becoming negative, below zero.

Traitor flag

Being flagged as a traitor is a temporary status effect. It is applied to a player who successfully attacks and damages the health of a player of the same faction or any allied faction player.

  • Traitor flagging will last for 120 seconds.
  • The character and can be attacked by anyone for no penalty or killed for a potentially large gain of points if the traitor is killed by a player of the same faction or an allied faction player.

Being temporarily flagged as a traitor most commonly occurs when a player effectively harms a character of another player part of their own faction or an allied faction. Players can also be flagged as a traitor for travelling in territory of a friendly stronghold while in a vehicle with enemy faction characters.

Negative faction points

Players with negative faction points for most factions will cause any of their character of the said faction to become traitors persistently.

  • The only way to recover from this is to perform activities which award faction points until their score is no longer negative, which will result in their characters immediately revoking the persistent traitor status.
    • The player may still continue to be flagged as a traitor, as the temporary traitor status is only lifted once the it expires naturally, and are subject to all effects and penalties of being flagged as a traitor.


Becoming a traitor for any reason has a number of effects, and being ridden with the temporary traitor flagging additional penalties.

Common effects for being a traitor include:

  • Change in appearance
  • Being denied of access to faction chat channels
  • Losing any passive abilities of the played faction
  • Losing access to faction starting gear on spawning
  • Allied faction players being rewarded and not penalized for killing the traitor.

Additional effects of traitor flagging

  • Players who become temporarily flagged as a traitor will receive an on-screen notice of this and immediately and irreversibly lose -250 points for becoming a traitor. This stacks with any penalties for killing an allied faction player with one shot. Further "friendly fire" dealt while flagged as a traitor does not incur loss of points except for any friendly kills made.
  • Being flagged as a traitor is considered a lethal status for the Anti Combat Logging System. Logging out while flagged as a traitor will result the traitor character being killed.
  • Players and their characters flagged as a traitor still carry all the other effects of being a traitor due to their faction points being negative as well as all progression and regression conditions carried by their faction. A player whose faction points are negative are not exempt from becoming affected by the temporary traitor flag status or any of its effects.

Traitor appearance

Traitorous characters immediately have their appearance altered visually.

As a general rule, characters of all factions lose their headgear, their general appearance reverts to the level one appearance of their faction, and their clothing becomes bloodied.

Traitorous character still, however, wear clothing available through Arma 3 profile customization, which can make identifying traitors at a distance more difficult for some factions.

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