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STRONGHOLDS HAVE BEEN REMOVED FROM THE GAME AS OF PATCH 0.1604 [1] Shael6636 (talk) 00:12, 2 June 2015 (PDT)

What are faction strongholds?

Rangers, Nomads and Outlaws all have faction strongholds on certain maps. Strongholds are faction-oriented bases with a surrounding faction-controlled territory that provide a place for players to spawn, meet, trade and take refuge. They are patrolled by faction-friendly AI armed with a variety of weapons ranging up to the highest-calibre and most deadly weapons. Strongholds can be found on Altis, Bornholm and New Haven. Class icons on the map represent their location.

Player inventories cannot be accessed within faction territory, havens/storage objects cannot be constructed and loot will not spawn within territory boundaries either.


To spawn at a faction stronghold, you must first choose an Outlaw, a Nomad or a Ranger as your class, and be in good standing with your chosen faction. Once past the class selection screen, you will be given the option to select Stronghold or World spawn points. Selecting Stronghold will spawn you in your chosen faction's Stronghold.

Survivalists will soon have the ability to elect to spawn at Ranger or Nomad strongholds. Feature not yet implemented.

AI Guards:

Strongholds are protected and patrolled by AI guards belonging to that faction. The faction AI guards are very skilled, can be quite heavily armed, and often carry weapons that are not available anywhere else in the wastelands. The faction strongholds have a one kilometre radius around them that is considered that faction's territory. Any hostile factions or faction traitors that encroach this boundary will be attacked by the guards. Hostile activity will trigger a squad of guards to patrol their territory, hunting for any aggressors.


Class traitors are unable to spawn in at, or enter, their faction's stronghold. They will be treated as hostile and shot on site. Any traitorous actions (attacking/injuring friendly players, travelling in the same vehicle as a unfriendly class, even looting a friendly guard's corpse) within friendly faction territory will flag a player as a traitor, penalize them 250 points (and other players if unfriendly classes are in the same vehicle - you have been warned) and invoke the aggression of the AI guards.

Who can visit a stronghold?

The friendly factions (Nomad, Ranger and Survivalist) can visit friendly strongholds (Ranger and Nomad), but will be attacked on sight when approaching the Outlaw stronghold. Likewise, Outlaws will be considered hostile by Nomad or Ranger AI guards. Hunters, None class and class traitors are treated as hostile by all AI guards and cannot approach any stronghold without fear of being attacked.

Attacking strongholds for loot:

Players may elect to attack a faction stronghold, as certain very powerful weapons are only available from looting the bodies of the AI guards. Should a player or group of players choose to attack, the AI guards will respond by sending out squads to counter-attack.

When a stronghold is under attack, a message will be broadcast over that faction's chat, and players will be unable to spawn in that faction base for the duration of the attack.

Should the players' attack be successful, they may attempt to retrieve weapons from the guards' bodies. Any looted weapons will not have any ammo or attachments.