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Servers for Breaking Point are provided by The Zombie Infection, granting an equal gameplay experience and high level of security to all players. There is a range of servers available in major regions, with different maps and modes to choose from.

Steam account whitelisting is required to play on any Breaking Point servers.

The server configuration can change at any time, depending upon various circumstances, such as server population, performance, rotation of maps in play as well as development and testing needs.

Joining a server

Easiest way to join a server is via the Breaking Point launcher. Joining a server by using the launcher will automatically load the Breaking Point mod when starting ARMA 3, and connect the player to the server lobby.

However, it is also possible to join Breaking Point servers via ARMA 3 server browser once the Breaking Point mod has been loaded. Joining in this way requires a password to be used, which is "breakingpoint".

Server restarting and shutdown mode

All servers enter a shutdown mode and subsequently restart every three hours. In the last hour of a server cycle there will be a server-wide message notifying the players before the servers enter shutdown mode and their eventual restarting.

Server shutdown mode takes place 5 minutes before the actual server restart, during which time non-critical functions are suspended. It is adviced to park or land any vehicles, and disconnect from the game before the shutdown mode to ensure the vehicle's or player's location is saved properly and not rolled back to earlier position. Players can still be killed during the shutdown mode.

Server hive

All servers are connected to same hive for player data, which includes faction progression, legion status and other statistics. However, player character status and equipment are persistent only across servers of the same map and gameplay mode. Faction progression is still shared across all servers and modes.

Switching between servers where character status and equipment is shared, i.e. from servers EU#1 to EU#2, an Anti Ghosting System is used to prevent players from hopping between servers quickly, "ghosting" between locations.

Legion servers

Upcoming legion servers use their own character hive and leaderboards, and are only available to players who have joined a legion.

Gameplay modes

There are two different "difficulty" modes for Breaking Point: Mercenary and Veteran. Majority of the servers use the Veteran mode which allows both 3rd and 1st person camera views. Mercenary servers only allow first person view for players, including while inside of vehicles. Character status and equipment is not shared between different game modes.

First person servers per region

EU region only

  • Altis
  • Chernarus

US region only

  • Esseker


Breaking Point has a range of maps to play, each providing a slightly different gaming experience. The selection of maps include official Arma 3 maps, in-house custom maps as well as community maps. Note that not all maps may be available for play across all server regions.

Current maps per region

All regions

  • Altis – a Mediterranean island with long coastline and a mix of dry inland areas, light forests, and varying sizes of many villages and towns.
  • Chernarus - an eastern European Arma 2 classic which is the site for innumerable scenarios and total modifications made compatible with the Arma 3 engine.
  • Esseker - an inland forest region featuring only single major town and influenced by the survival game genre and using assets from both Arma 2 and Arma 3.
  • New Haven – a custom made map for Breaking Point, featuring a small island chain with pine forests, villages, and military compounds, providing a great, varied PvP experience.
  • Thirsk – a small forest map designed for intense PvP gameplay with few, high traffic points of interest.

EU region

  • Stratis – a medium sized map similar in style to Altis with several military compounds and less overall settlements, where travel is restricted by hilly terrain.
  • Namalsk - an another Arma 2 classic, Namalsk is a desolate island partly covered in snow and pine forests, and dotted with military bases and only a few settlements.

US region

  • Currently no unique maps in rotation.

Currently unavailable

  • Bornholm – a large island in the Baltic Sea found east of Denmark. Bornholm is covered in deep forest, rolling plains and farmland, and features several coastal cities and military compounds with Arma 2 and Arma 3 assets.
  • Thirsk (Winter) – winter variant of Thirsk with less concealing foliage and snowy terrain.