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Vehicle component interaction requirement

Repair and replacement of crucial vehicle components is necessary to get any vehicles running in Breaking Point.

Any vehicles that respawn lack all functional parts: Body, Fuel Tank, Glass Panels, Wheels, Engine, HRotor, VRotor, and Avionics – the latter three components only exist for helicopters.

It's necessary to scavenge for vehicle components as well as vehicle repair parts in order to keep them in shape in case of damage. Players can also remove existing vehicle parts in order to prevent others from using them or for use in other vehicles. A toolbox or Engineer Utility Pack must be equipped for any kind of repair, replacement or removal of vehicle components

Vehicles also require fuel to run. The easiest way of doing this is to drive to a fuel station, but that might not always be an option; fuel can also be siphoned to Fuel Cans from gas stations or from other vehicles (with Fuel Hose Kit). Fuel Cans can be carried in inventory as well as stored in vehicles or containers for later use.

Many of the parts used for vehicle repair are also used for construction. Duct Tape can additionally be to capture other players.

Component Repair part icon Repair part name Replace part icon Replace part name
Wheels Bp puncturekit ca.png Tire Repair Kit Bp tire ca.png Worn Tire
Engine Bp container3 ca.png Engine Coolant Bp motor ca.png Starter Motor
Glass Bp container2 ca.png Liquid Resin Bp glass ca.png Toughened Glass Panel
Body Bp tape1 ca.png Duct Tape Bp fiberglass ca.png Fiberglass Panel
Fuel Tank Bp tape2 ca.png Waterproof Tape Bp fuelhose ca.png Fuel Hose Kit
Avionics Bp electricalwire ca.png Electrical Wire Bp electronics ca.png Electronics Board
HRotor / VRotor Bp container1 ca.png Hydraulic Fluid Bp hydraulic ca.png Hydraulic Cylinder

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