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For the in-game character equipment, see Map (item).
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Map or world refers to the playable area on a server in ARMA 3 and many other games. Breaking Point has a range of maps to play, each providing a slightly different gaming experience. The selection of maps include official ARMA maps, in-house custom maps as well as community-built custom maps. Note that not all maps may be available for play across all server regions.

All maps and regions share the same server hive.

Current maps

Map rotation may change at any time for any reason. Not all maps listed may currently be available for play.

ARMA official maps

  • Altis – a Mediterranean island with long coastline and a mix of dry inland areas, light forests, and varying sizes of many villages and towns.
  • Chernarus - an eastern European Arma 2 classic which is the site for innumerable scenarios and total modifications made compatible with the Arma 3 engine.
  • Stratis – a medium sized map similar in style to Altis with several military compounds and less overall settlements, where travel is restricted by hilly terrain.

Breaking Point original maps

  • New Haven – a custom made map for Breaking Point combining ARMA 3 and ARMA 2 assets, featuring a small island chain with pine forests, villages, and military compounds, providing a great, varied PvP experience.

Community maps

  • BornholmUnavailable a large island in the Baltic Sea found east of Denmark. Bornholm is covered in deep forest, rolling plains and farmland, and features several coastal cities and military compounds with ARMA 2 and ARMA 3 assets.
  • Esseker - an inland forest region featuring only single major town and influenced by the survival game genre and using assets from both Arma 2 and Arma 3.
  • Namalsk - an another Arma 2 classic, Namalsk is a desolate island partly covered in snow and pine forests, and dotted with military bases and only a few settlements.
  • Thirsk (Summer) – a small forest map designed for intense PvP gameplay with few, high traffic points of interest.
  • Thirsk (Winter) – Unavailable a variant of the Thrisk map with less concealing foliage and snowy terrain.


  • To play on any custom map, it is not necessary to download anything else than the Breaking Point Steam Workshop files. All map files and data are included within.

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