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Welcome to Breaking Point Wiki!

Breaking Point is a PvP zombie survival total modification for the ARMA 3 engine. The mod has been in development since August 2013 and is currently in public alpha testing.
Breaking Point is hosted on approximately 30 optimized, in-house servers all over the world across multiple timezones, featuring multiple official and custom-made maps, and has many customized and original server features. All servers use whitelisting and Steam account linking to provide a secure and fair field of play for all players.
The mod can be downloaded from Steam Workshop but requires the dedicated Breaking Point launcher. The launcher is integrated with forums and leaderboards, allowing the client to display player statistics and progression, managing player legion, and quick access to all other features like Discord chat. Playerbase is being kept notified of updates via Steam group announcements.
The gameplay of Breaking Point is realistic but also competitive in nature, including a wide range of weapons and ammunition types, various vehicles and their repair system, player bases, helicrashes and care package drops, and a character faction system with abilities and progression.

The wiki is constantly undergoing changes and may contain outdated or missing information. If you want to contribute for the wiki, contact us on the wiki discussion thread.



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