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Grave made by a Ranger, Survivalist or Nomad.
Grave made by a Hunter or Outlaw character.

Loot or looting refers to forcefully taking possession of items and other equipment, often in the context of taking the items from dead or incapacitated players. Loot and looting can also refer to scavenging items from buildings, containers or vehicles and the contains themselves.

Looting players

In order to loot dead player characters, players must select either "Examine" or "Loot" when interacting with a dead body. An animation will play, and the corpse will be converted into grave, its appearance depending on which faction the player performing the looting represents. The grave contains all possessions of the deceased, and the grave may be destroyed permanently afterwards once it has been looted. Graves will continue to persist so long as there is a player in the area. Once there are no longer players in the vicinity of the grave, it can be cleaned up on next server restart.

Living players can be looted by accessing their inventory by use of context menu action, same as any other container.

There is one special interaction available when accessing another player's inventory: Players in possession of a grenade can "reverse pickpocket" a live grenade into inventory of another player. The grenade is primed by simply transferring it into the other player's inventory, after which it will explode the next time the player views their inventory.

Loot containers

Common containers

As the name implies, common containers with miscellaneous loot can be found almost anywhere. There are only a few instances where these cannot be found, and usually it's possible to find some in near vicinity anyway. It can be rewarding to search them, as it is possible for the container to have wide variety of loot, from a piece of junk to that old sidearm or shotgun that just might save your life.

  • Cloth sack
  • Trash bin
  • Yellow cardboard box

Civilian containers

Civilian containers range from piles of suitcases and travel bags abandoned during someone's escape to everyday cardboard boxes with varying supplies. These containers are most often found in places of former residence or business.

  • Suitcases and piles of bags
  • White Cardboard Box

Construction containers

Greasy cardboard box.

Construction containers, sometimes called industrial containers, often contain vehicle repair parts and components and blueprints used for construction and tools. They can commonly be found in industrial areas, carages, utility shacks and construction sites.

  • Greasy cardboard boxes
  • Skip bins

Military containers

Best way to find high-grade weapons, attachments, ammuniton and other useful equipment like vests and backpacks is to find military containers. These containers come in variety of shapes, sizes, locations and can spawn a large variety of different items. It always pays to check them out but players should remember that greed can kill almost as well as gunfire.

Low tier

Low tier military ammunition boxes can spawn in any military locations, but can also be found in some civilian and industrial areas where individuals might have taken them. Instead of just ammunition, these small boxes can contain other useful items used by military forces, hunters and law enforcement.

  • Small ammunition box
  • Large ammunition box

Mid tier

Mid tier military containers can have weapons like assault rifles, medical supplies, or average quantities of compatible ammunition. All of the following examples have varying spawning conditions, with large wooden military crates being most common, World War II caches being rarely found even in civilian areas, and finally medical crates capable of spawning not only in militarized areas but also in hospitals and other locations which require stocks of medical supplies.

  • Large wooden crate
  • World War II weapons cache
  • Medical crate

High tier

Greatly sought after, high tier military pelican containers can only be found in military bases and in places with former concentrated military presence. Small pelican crates often carry ammunition, military supplies like explosives, vests, backpacks, and weapon attachments. Large crates contain a great selection of weapons, some the rarest in the game.

Super tier

The so-called "super crate" is a stack of pelican crates stacked on a skid. Certain weapons and assorted equipment can only be found from these containers and they are extremely rare with unique spawn conditions.

Care package

Care packages dropped by transport helicopters can occasionally be found on the map. Similiar stacks of boxed crates can also be found in several other high-value locations. These containers have a wide range of possible contents, ranging from simple food items to high-grade military equipment.