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This page is a list of miscellaneous items found in Breaking Point.


There is a variety of items that some might consider "trash" but to a player that doesnt have a gun or a melee weapon, these items can be thrown at players, zombies and animals as a last ditch attempt to save your worthless life and stop the "quick trip to the beach".

  • As per grenades these items can be thrown by pressing the "G" button and you can cycle through the "throwable" items by Holding "Ctrl + G".
Icon Name Notes
Bp morphine2 ca.png Infected Needle Hunter level 3 spawn equipment
Bp knife ca.png Knife Required to perform gutting
Bp videotape ca.png Video Tape Not compatible with haven security system
Bp tennisball ca.png Tennis Ball Racket not required
Bp zipdisk ca.png Zip Disk Good luck finding a floppy drive out there
Bp brick1 ca.png Brick A useful item for performing anesthesia on a foe
Bp plate1 ca.png Plate No more dishes, ever!
Bp book1 ca.png Book (Instructional) Breaking Point for Dummies
Bp book2 ca.png Book (History) History of Altis
Bp book3 ca.png Book (Novel) Creative writing
Bp canempty ca.png Can (Empty) Can be used to boil water
Bp hammer ca.png Hammer Required for some construction
Bp cards ca.png Cards Starvation takes a while...
Bp mug ca.png Mug A mug of salt



After all man can not exist on "greens" alone.

Icon Notes
Bp meat ca.png
Meat (Raw)
Raw meat, eat at your own risk. Comes in a variety of "flavours", including Mutton, Chicken, Dog, "Strange", and Infected.
Bp meat cooked ca.png
Meat (Cooked)
Cooked Meat is a lot better for you. Cooked meat will increase a character's health level, allowing rapid recovery from injuries and above 75% max regeneration cap allowed by healing.


Somehow these boxes of ceral are in good enough condition to eat, though they might be just a little stale after 20 years of being on the shelf.

Icon Name Notes
Bp cereal1 ca.png Bloodsucker Balls One bite and you won't be able to get rid of them!
Bp cereal5 ca.png Captain Kush Guaranteed to cut the roof of your mouth
Bp cereal3 ca.png Crispy Squares Probably stale by now
Bp cereal4 ca.png Crunchy Stars Lets be honest, mostly sugar
Bp cereal2 ca.png Honey Hoops Now with real honey!
Bp cereal6 ca.png Rickaronis Ranger's best friend!

Tinned food

These prepared "meals in a tin" have withstood the test of time (their expiration dates have faded away) and are still in "perfectly" good eating condition.

Once used, an empty tin will be left on the ground which can be used to boil water at a fireplace or thrown at somebody.

Tinned food can also be heated at a haven's stove to provide increased recovery of health.

Icon Name Description
Bp can5 ca.png Hotdogs Suggestively tubed meat product
Bp can4 ca.png Meatballs May or may not be particularly fresh
Bp can3 ca.png Spaghetti Just eat it
Bp can1 ca.png Spam Made from only the finest questionable meat products (now with less horse!)
Bp can2 ca.png Tuna Chunks 100% real tuna, does not contain COD!


Water Bottle

Water Bottles can be found throughout the land and are one of the easiest ways to stay hydrated. Once a water bottle has been used it will stay in your inventory and can be refilled.

Water bottles can be re-filled by double-clicking them in inventory while at numerous locations present on all maps;

  • Blue water barrels (some contain sand instead of water)
  • Large water cisterns
  • Water taps in most towns

Drinking unclean water has a risk of infection.

Dogs can only be hydrated by giving them water with Water Bottles. Dogs cannot become infected.


There's nothing like a 20-year old can of soda to quench that thirst.

Once used, you will have an empty can next to you on the ground which can be used for boiling water at a fireplace or throw it at somebody.

Icon Name Description
Bp soda1 ca.png Apple Carbonated sugar water, contains 0.01% apple
Bp soda5 ca.png Cherry Cola Carbonated sugar water, contains only trace amounts of cherry
Bp soda4 ca.png Cola Carbonated sugar water, contains Coca leaf extract
Bp soda3 ca.png Lemonade Carbonated sugar water, doesn't even taste like lemons
Bp soda2 ca.png Orange Carbonated sugar water, does not actually contain orange