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Two crash sites in distance.

Helicrash, short for helicopter crash site, is an event in Breaking Point where a helicopter crash lands someplace on the map. Helicrashes are also common to other ARMA 3 mods.

Helicrashes occur when an AI-controlled helicopter flies over the map and crash lands in a randomly pre-determined spot. Their cargo is dispersed in close proximity from the crash site, allowing players to loot the items for powerful high-tier equipment, weapons, vests and backpacks, medical supplies or other highly sought-after items.

Helicrashes emit smoke visible over long distances, and burning wreckages can cause unwary players or other entities to catch on fire as well. AI-controlled helicopters can also be identified by their use of navigational lights, making them clearly visible even in the dark of night.


  • The AH-99 Blackfoot attack helicopter flies over the map on a random course until it crashes. This helicrash often spawns lootable weapons and other equipment and items in close proximity.
  • The CH-67 Huron, modernized version of the well-known Chinook, is a transport helicopter, capable of carrying large amounts of cargo quickly. Upon crashing, medical supplies can often be found in crates that are dispersed near its wreck. This helicopter can also be found delivering care packages on the map.