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Player character sitting down and healing until the 75% cap.

Health and its management is an essential part of Breaking Point. Besides various volumes and shapes of damage depleting health in different amounts, even a tiny scratch from an infected or a careless step can eventually kill a survivor or prevent them from effectively going on with their journey should they lack the means to recover from various injuries.

A character which runs out of health will die and has to respawn. A dead character's corpse will persist in the world for a short while, but they can be looted to convert the remains into a grave which will persist on the server so long as any player stays near it.


Damage done to health can be recovered by eating food, receiving surgery, or using the dedicated healing action in Breaking Point which can be performed by use of custom user keys.

Once healing process has begun, the player character will begin regenerating their lost health after a short delay. Health can only be recovered up to 75% of maximum health; beyond that limit, health must be recovered by eating food or receiving a surgery from another player. Cooked meat is more effective in recovery health than canned food, and a surgery can restore any character to full health and condition.

Nomad faction has unique perks which allow characters representing the faction to heal faster, without delay, and over the 75% limit.

The message "Maximum health regeneration reached" indicates that the character has reached the 75% healing cap and has stopped healing further. "Full health reached" message means that the character is already on full health, either having full health when they begun healing or upon reaching full health while healing as a Nomad.


Condition Remedy Cause Symptoms Effects
Light bleeding Small Bandage Damage Pulsing blood spatter Health degeneration
Heavy bleeding Military Field Dressing Damage Pulsing blood spatter (heavy) Greater health degeneration
Extreme bleeding Surgery Damage Pulsing blood spatter (extreme) Intense health degeneration
Reduced health Use custom user keys to begin healing, eat food or have surgery Damage Faded screen colors, reduced health Reduced health
Severe blood loss Eat food or have surgery Greater damage Faded screen colors, reduced health, heart pounding, blurred vision Reduced health, blurred vision
Damaged legs Painkillers Damage to legs None Stamina is reduced and depletes while moving quickly or climbing
Leg fracture Morphine Damage to legs Unable to run Stamina is reduced and depletes while moving quickly or climbing
Damaged arms Painkillers Damage to arms On-screen message, reduced weapon control No other effects
Arm fracture Morphine Damage to arms On-screen message, reduced weapon control No other effects
Infection Antiviral Attacked by zombies, eating or drinking unclean food or water Screen colors fading over time as infection progresses Infection will lead to character death
Pain Painkillers Damage Screen trembling and shaking No other effects
Extreme pain Morphine Greater damage Violent screen shaking No other effects
Hunger Food Over time Growling stomach Will progress to starvation
Starvation Food Not eating when hungry On-screen message, faded screen colors, increased pulse Starvation will lead to character death
Thirst Drink Over time Gasping Will progress to dehydration
Dehydration Drink Not drinking when thirsty On-screen message, faded screen colors, increased pulse Dehydration will lead to character death
Burning Submerge in water or stop, drop and roll Staying close to burning object or lit on fire Burning on-screen effects Burning rapidly damages character health over time
Unconsciousness None Extreme loss of health, stamina or attacked with TranQ weapons Unconsciousness spatter obscures vision, unable to move Fades over time. Character can be gutted.
Stunned None Blunt trauma Stun spatter obscures vision, slowed movement, deafness Fades over time.


Breaking Point features a range on medical items that can be found in a various locations, some being easy to locate while some being harder to find. Medical supplies are essential for any player heading into fight, from hand-to-hand combat to long distance firefights.

Icon Name Effect
Bp morphine ca.png Synthetic Adrenaline Syringe Temporary health restoration and pain relief.
Bp antibiotics ca.png Antivirals Used to treat infection caused by zombie attacks or consuming unclean food or water.
Bp bandage ca.png Small Bandage Used to treat bleeding caused by wounds.
Bp fielddressing ca.png Military Field Dressing Used to treat severe bleeding caused by serious wounds.
Bp morphine ca.png Morphine Syringe Used to treat damage done to limbs and extreme pain.
Bp painkillers ca.png Painkillers Used for relief from pain.
Bp surgerykit ca.png Portable Surgery Kit Used to treat life threatening wounds and blood loss, and any lesser ailments excluding infection, hunger and thirst.

On-screen effects

Blood spatter

Various degrees and forms of blood spatter indicate how much damage is dealt to the player character.

Blood spatter – small Blood spatter – medium Blood spatter – large Unconsciousness spatter Stun spatter
BP BloodspraySmall.png
BP BloodsprayMedium.png
BP BloodsprayLarge.png
BP Unconscious.png
BP BloodsprayStunned.png

Infected attacks

Infected attacks cause various "slashes" that are used to visually indicate their attacks.

Audio cues
  • Player yells in pain when attacked.
Slash mark 1 Slash mark 2 Slash mark 3 Slash mark 4 Slash mark 5
BP Scratch 1.png
BP Scratch 2.png
BP Scratch 3.png
BP Scratch 4.png
BP Scratch 5.png

Dog attacks

A dog attacking a player can cause a variety of different "bite marks".

Audio cues
  • Character yells in pain when attacked.
  • The sound of a dog munching on the character's leg like a chewing toy.
Bite mark 1 Bite mark 2 Bite mark 3 Bite mark 4 Bite mark 5 Bite mark 6
BP Dog 1.png
BP Dog 2.png
BP Dog 3.png
BP Dog 4.png
BP Dog 5.png
BP Dog 6.png