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Haven, sometimes known as Safe Haven or Safehouse, is a player-made base built inside select existing structures which persist across server sessions and serve as a safehouse for players and their possessions.

Acquiring a haven

Constructing a haven can only be done when the player is inside a building suitable for haven, and has the Haven Locking Kit Blueprint and all required materials in their possession. The player must then choose a 4-digit passcode to lock and unlock access to the haven. After this, a confirmation message will confirm that the player's Haven is now locked. Using any doors or storage objects within the haven require unlocking the haven by inputting the 4-digit passcode on a keypad on the main wall of the building.

Each player can only have one haven per server, and the storage objects within the haven still count towards the maximum storage objects limitation on the server.

Locking and unlocking havens

Once the haven has been created, access to it and its contents are initially locked. Players with the keycode need to input the 4-digit passcode on the keypad outside the haven to unlock access to it and all of its storage objects. While locked, all storage objects and other items inside the haven despawn, and will reappear once the haven has been unlocked.

When a haven is unlocked, any player can move freely within it and use any player-made objects and storage items. Players must lock the haven when exiting to prevent unwanted access to their haven.

Haven cannot be locked while any players remain inside it.

Removing the locking mechanism to demolish the haven will not grant any of the Locking Kit materials back.

Locking Kit

To create a Locking Kit you will need the following items;

  • 1 x Hydraulic Cylinder
  • 2 x Batteries
  • 2 x Steel (One of the most elusive items in the game, you will eventually trade your soul for a piece of Steel)
  • 2 x Electronics Board
  • 3 x Electrical Wire
  • A Hammer
  • A Toolbox
  • A Locking Kit Blueprint

Compatible Buildings

There is a range of buildings available to select from to create your Haven, choose wisely as once you have placed your lock, you cannot recover the materials, so if you choose badly you will need to find the Locking Kit Materials all over again.

Single Story 1 Single Story 2 Single Story 3 Single Story 4
Arma3 CfgVehicles Land i House Small 01 V2 F.jpg
Arma3 CfgVehicles Land i House Small 01 V2 F.jpg
Arma3 CfgVehicles Land i House Small 01 V3 F.jpg
Arma3 CfgVehicles Land i House Small 02 V2 F.jpg
Single Story 5 Single Story 6 Single Story 7 Single Story 8
Arma3 CfgVehicles Land i House Small 02 V3 F.jpg
Arma3 CfgVehicles Land i House Small 03 V1 F.jpg
Arma3 CfgVehicles Land i Stone HouseSmall V1 F.jpg
Arma3 CfgVehicles Land i Stone Shed V1 F.jpg
Double Story 1 Double Story 2 Double Story 3
Arma3 CfgVehicles Land i House Big 01 V1 F.jpg
Arma3 CfgVehicles Land i House Big 01 V2 F.jpg
Arma3 CfgVehicles Land i House Big 01 V3 F.jpg
Double Story 4 Double Story 5 Double Story 6
Arma3 CfgVehicles Land i House Big 02 V1 F.jpg
Arma3 CfgVehicles Land i House Big 02 V2 F.jpg
Arma3 CfgVehicles Land i House Big 02 V3 F.jpg

Haven Constructables

Havens have their own specific items that can only be built in a building that has been turned into a haven.

Internal Items

  • New: Haven Stove Blueprint. Allows cooking food that gives a higher health regen rate.


  • New: Ability to reinforce / upgrade your haven with a new Blueprint buildable and cement.
    • Havens can now be reinforced up to 5 times.
  • If a reinforced haven is damaged enough to the point where it would be destroyed, the server will fix the building then reduce the reinforcement level by 1.
  • You can find out the reinforcement level by using the scroll wheel action and selecting Building Info.
  • Building Info is only accessible when the building is unlocked. Building info will also state if there is an IED planted on the lock or not.


  • New: Ability to attach the I.E.D. to your haven lock.
    • The I.E.D. will auto explode after 3 failed unlock attempts in a row (TBC)
  • New: Haven Camera Security System / Television Buildable.
    • Allows you to view the external area of your haven.

Name Capacity Materials Tools
None 1 x Stove
2 x Steel
1 x Fiberglass Panel
1 x Electrical Wire
1 x Battery
Stove Blueprint
Haven Reinforcement Kit
None 1 x Steel
4 x Cement Bag
Haven Upgrade Blueprint
Haven TV.jpg
None 1 x Nails
5 x Electrical Wire
3 x Electronics Board
2 x Steel
1 x Battery
Old Television Blueprint
None 4 x Hand Grenade
2 x Nails
1 x Engine Coolant
1 x Electrical Wire
I.E.D Blueprint

Haven Storage

  • Chest
  • Icebox
  • Gun Cabinet
  • Fuel Barrel
  • Water Barrel


  • Upon Locking your Haven, all of your built items (and the objects contained within) inside the haven will now despawn until the haven is unlocked again. This reduces the load on the server.
  • There is no limit to the amount of items that can be created inside a Haven other than the individual Player Storage Item Limit.
  • Crates, Caches & Safes cannot be built inside a Haven.
    • It's sometimes possible to build non-haven objects inside a haven however none of them are locked and can be easily destroyed by a collsiion exploiting player.
Name Capacity Materials Tools
Fuel Barrel
Fuel Barrel.jpg
TBC 1 x Nails
1 x Fiberglass Panel
2 x Fuel Hose Kit
2 x WaterProof Tape
Fuel Barrel Blueprint
Water Barrel
TBC 1 x Nails
1 x Fiberglass Panel
2 x Fuel Hose Kit
2 x Waterproof Tape
Water Barrel Blueprint
Low 3 x Box Of Nails
3x Small Wooden Pallet
1x Steel
Chest blueprint
Medium 2 x Fiberglass Panels
2 x Steel
1 x Battery
Icebox blueprint
Gun Cabinet
Gun cabinet.jpg
Very High 4x Box Of Nails
3x Steel
3x Fiberglass
Gun Cabinet blueprint