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Group is an extension of the buddy system and allows players to group with anyone regardless of faction or traitor status.

Grouping allows players to easily identify your allies, helping them to minimize friendly fire incidents and generally making gameplay more interesting.

Players of opposing factions forming a group is often referred to as mixed group.

Forming a group

Anyone can invite players to their group by

  1. Staying next to a player they wish to invite and looking at them
  2. Selecting the option "Invite To Group" from context menu.
  3. The invitee will see a pop-up message asking to confirm joining, and can select either "Yes" or "No"


  • Moving before accepting the invite interrupts the process, the invite option will not work and another invitation needs to be given.
  • Currently there is no limit on the number of players in groups.
  • A player logging out of the game for any reason also leaves their group, including server restarts.


  • Group members are marked on player HUD with their faction icon as well as their nameplate at closer ranges, complete with legion tag.
  • As the distance between group members increases, members can only see their faction icon without nameplate. At even longer distances, the entire indicator disappears from view.
  • If a group member is in a vechicle, their icon is replaced by a wheel icon.
  • Dogs are marked for the entire group with the same dog icon visible to dog owners.
Ranger Nomad Outlaw Hunter Survivalist None Dog


  • The Traitor flagging system is always in effect, even between members of the same group.
  • Players traveling through stronghold territory will be flagged as traitors if they are present in a vehicle with players of opposing faction.

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