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Faction selection screen.

The faction system in Breaking Point is a form of character class feature which allows multiple playstyles, loose alliances and interaction between them, and character progression in order to promote PvP combat approach instead of traditional objective-based multiplayer game or PvE sandboxing.

The factions system evolved from the one-dimensional "humanity system" – a progression from neutral to "bandit" or "hero". The new system facilitates finding friendly players to roam with and eliminates some of the unnecessary friction which comes from complete lack of trust between players: In Breaking Point, betraying allies has potentially devastating costs beyond immediate consequences.

Together with faction-specific progression for better equipment and abilities, chat communications, and strongholds, this leads to players being able to seek action (or avoid it) much more readily than previously while also being rewarded for doing so.

Breaking Point features a total of eight distinct factions, out of which seven are currently playable.


Faction-related documentation
Appearance and identification
Points and progression
Spawning equipment

Player behavior guidelines in relation to factions in a nutshell:

  1. There are no strict "roleplaying rules" in Breaking Point. Anyone is free to play and approach the various factions as they wish.
  2. Players are free to play with whomever they choose which can lead to mixed group play. Approach strangers extremely carefully regardless of their faction.
  3. Sharing the same faction as another player does NOT guarantee that he or she will be friendly or not outright hostile towards you..
  4. Certain faction features and benefits have not yet been implemented.



The law in a lawless land. A direct evolution from the "heroes" of old, rangers fight against the evil, especially outlaws and hunters, seeking to establish new order in the wasteland and protect its people.

  • Punished severely for killing their allies
  • Limited inventory capacity



The bandits and brigands of post apocalyptic world, outlaw loyalties lie only with their own. They are not allied with anyone else, preferring to fight and steal from others for resources and control.

  • Limited initial supplies beyond max level explosive equipment
  • Difficult to identify friendlies



The travelers and outdoorsmen, nomads are generally benevolent unless fired upon first. They prefer living off the land and helping their allies, and are better prepared for the worst than any other faction.

  • Extremely heavy penalties for killing their allies, especially fellow nomads of any levels



Lunatics and madmen, ex-military or crazed survivors, hunters are to be avoided at all costs. Only thing they are after is wiping out everyone in their way, including other hunters.

  • Lacks traitor status entirely as well as most penalties for actions considered traitorous for other factions, such as killing fellow hunters
  • Immense clothing inventory capacity at higher levels
  • Can gut captured players for increased point gain
  • Gains less points for kills than other factions
  • Higher level hunters lose points for dying to non-environmental causes



Survivalists are the unseen pacifists of Breaking Point, interacting with others only when necessary – sometimes without the other party being aware of them in the first place.

  • Gain points without interacting with other players
  • Higher levels possess a camoflaging ghillie suit with immense inventory capacity and tranquilizer weapons
  • Allied with rangers and nomads and have access to both factions' chat channels
  • Gain no points for killing except traitors of allied factions
  • Loss of points upon any kind of death and extreme loss on killing allies



The existence of this faction is disputed – it's based on wild rumors and ramblings of deranged survivors who claim to have seen a Starter Motor repaired with Duct Tape and a Tin Can, or an aircraft falling out of sky after a single shot...

The only evidence of the so-called "engineers" can be attributed to the Engineer Utility Pack which may have been pieced together by said raving survivors.



A particularly ferocious survivor that has been infected with the outbreak, now preying on their former brethren. Undead players are not easily distinguished from common zombies, but possess enhanced predatory abilities.

  • Spawning as undead replaces existing zombie on the server, providing instanteous jump to action
  • Enhanced endurance and senses; see in darkness, hear the heartbeats of the living, control hordes of zombies...
  • Difficult to tell apart from common zombies, which can provide unprecedented element of surprise



The true jokers of the game, independent are aligned only with themselves, but possess no character progression. Placing trust on these "nones" can always be considered a gambit.

  • Free of all restrictions and penalties, actions taken while playing as independent bear to effect on other faction progress
  • Access to clothing customization via clothing items found in the world: Ghillie suits, military uniform, or even a wetsuit...
  • Any other faction receives a small amount of points for killing independent, making them fair game to everyone else
  • No faction progression.


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Most factions have a leveling system that is progressed through a actions beneficial to that faction like killing their enemies and aiding their allies.

For all factions with progression, there are three levels:

  • Level 1: 0 to 1999 Points
  • Level 2: 2,000 to 4,999 Points
  • Level 3: 5,000 to 6,000 Points

Faction points are capped at 6,000

Each faction and each level has a unique appearance to allow for clear identifying of players, and which is automatically adjusted in real time.

Players can also lose points through actions considered harmful or unethical to their faction such as killing allies or aiding their enemies directly. Major or consecutive loss of faction points can eventually lead the player's point value for that faction to fall into the negatives, thus becoming a traitor to their own faction as well as all of their former allies. Traitor status will also result in wounding an allied player – this state disappears after 30 seconds provided the point loss for harming an allied player did not bring the offender into negative points.

While a player's faction points remain in negative, they are automatically and permanently considered a traitor until their redeem themselves with actions considered positive by their original faction. The negative value of faction points is capped at -3,000.

Once a traitor, the player will lose the ability to speak or listen in on any faction-specific chat channels. Their clothing will change automatically and instaneously to a bloodied first level appearance lacking the trademark clothing of their faction such as outlaw bandana or ranger cap.

All traitors are given a bounty in form of points for kill to the members of their original faction and their allies, as well as other traitors. The largest bounty of points is always awarded by killing a traitor of the player's own faction.

Aiding actions

Aiding players of allied factions is one of the primary ways to gain points. Aid consists of following actions;

These actions are accessed via the context menu (accessed by clicking the mouse scroll wheel by default) that appears when close to another player, automatically consume the item required and are only able to be performed on a need basis. This means that you can not give food or water to a player that is not hungry or thirsty and you cannot medicate a player that is not suffering from injuries or ailments.

Aiding enemy factions can result in a point loss depending on faction played and aid given.

Aiding another player can be affected by in-game desync, sometimes requiring multiple attempts to succeed. There also exists a cooldown period after giving medical aid to a player in order to prevent rapid exploitation via repeated intentional injury.

Destructive actions

Progress or regress for killing or gutting player dogs is not currently implemented.

Destructive actions consist of the following harmful player actions taken towards other players or their property.

  • Destroying vehicles – determined by the faction of last player driving the vehicle
  • Destroying player-made containers – determined by the faction of player who built the item
  • Killing traitors
  • Killing players – gain or loss of points depends on the level of killed player
  • Gutting players
  • Killing and gutting of player-owned dogs

Performing destructive actions towards players with friendly or allied faction relations will usually result in minor to severe loss of points, while providing moderate gain for eliminating enemy faction players and their property.

See also

Faction-related documentation
Appearance and identification
Points and progression
Spawning equipment
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