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Dogs are animals in Breaking Point. Unlike all other animals, they exist beyond the purpose of food source, and can be tamed and given orders by players.


Dogs can be permanently tamed and "imprinted" by players who feed them Raw Meat via context menu action. Dogs spawn on the server like most other animals - in the wilderness - and can be found idling or roaming around their surroundings, and sometimes need be pursued in order to tame.

Once tamed, the dog can be renamed, and will save to the tamer's character on logout and reappear whenever they log in.


Context menu interface for dogs, with the dog currently in aggressive mode.

Like player characters, dogs can become thirsty, hungry and injured, and need to be cared for. Dogs have half the health of player characters, and they can only be hydrated with water from Water Bottles (not soda cans) and fed with Raw Meat, via use of context menu action.

Aggressive or defensive dogs will growl if enemies are nearby and when tracking animals.


Dogs can be given orders via context menu action to alter their current combat state – even from a distance. Basic orders of the dog which can be given from any distance include:

  • Call
  • Stay

Advanced orders that can only be given while next to the dog:

  • Track Animals
  • Feed
  • Talk

Combat state

Once player has tamed a dog, they can see the context menu action options to adjust its combat state no matter how far away they are from it.

  • Combat: Passive: Dog is in passive mode; it won't attack, but will follow its master.
  • Combat: Defensive: Dog is in defensive mode; it will attack zombies at will, but engage only players that attack its master.
  • Combat: Aggressive: Dog is in aggressive mode; it will attack zombies and any players not part of its master's group.

Dogs will not attack fellow group members, but they are still a threat if the dog's current combat state is set on aggressive until the other player has joined its master's group.


Dogs are controlled via the "Scroll Wheel" contextual menu and using the "middle mouse button" to select the relevant order.

Use the Scroll Wheel on your mouse to select the "order" that you want to give your dog, then Press your middle mouse button

When selecting a "Combat State" the one that is visible in the context menu, is the current combat state of your dog i.e. Menu shows Defensive your Dog is set to the Defensive Combat State.

Upcoming features

BP Dogs Preview.jpg
  • Order to track crates
  • Order to move to a specific location
  • Dog perks unique to the player character's faction while the player is not a traitor. This can include storing items in a vest on your dog or tracking down other players