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So, You've just updated your Breaking Point files, or you've just installed for the first time and you get the dreaded Some files may be Corrupt or Missing error on the Breaking Point Launcher.

So, Now you need to run Verify to be able to discover exactly which files are corrupt.

Corrupt 1.png

The corrupt files will be listed with a red NO on the right hand side, be sure to scroll up and down the complete list as their maybe MANY corrupt files. Below will give you an example:

Corrupt 2.png

So, these files have failed to verify for me as defined by the red NO at the end of the line.

- Breakingpint_client.pbo - Breakingpint_client.bisign - Breakingpint_code.pbo - Breakingpint_code.bisign - Breakingpint_functions.pbo - Breakingpint_functions.bisign

Now, we know WHAT files are corrupt, now we have to locate them to delete the individual corrupt files. On steam right click ArmA 3 in your Steam Library, got to properties and then select Local Files tab and click Browse local files

Corrupt 3.png

Now, in order for me to remove these files Im going to browse @BreakingPoint > Addons:

Then Im going to delete the offending files as Ive highlited below:

Corrupt 4.png

Now its time to hit INSTALL/UPDATE and re-update my Breaking point files in the Breaking Point Launcher one more time and the corrupt files should be redownloaded and Ill be ready to play.