Debug Island

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Debug Island is a location on every map of Breaking Point. It is usually identified on the map as a red crosshatched circle.

The area is not necessarily an island but can also be a generic area present on the edge or corner of the map. Debug Island's primary use is to store players who are still loading in to the server and waiting to load due to Anti Ghosting System. Any player who travels to the area of Debug Island is usually kicked from the server within a few seconds.


  • Killing players in Debug Island area through exploits will result in a kick or ban from the game.
  • Dead player characters get moved to debug island while on the respawn timer. This is to allow the server to create a local clone of the player's body on death to prevent despawning and duplication of items on them.
  • It is possible to get stuck in Debug Island with an outdated mod version. This can be fixed by updating the mod.
  • Saving is disabled while on the island to prevent players from being saved on the island and becoming stuck there.
  • Vehicles and construction objects are deleted from Debug Island on server restart to prevent them becoming inaccessible.