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ARMA 3 hit point model.

Damage calculation and application in Breaking Point is mostly carried over from ARMA 3, but nearly every source of damage has been adjusted; together with existing mechanics and the custom damage handler in Breaking Point it is possible to simulate greatly varying conditions of dealing and taking damage.

Properties of the weapon (primarily range and condition of firearms) as well as type and variations of the ammunition used can have a vast effect on how much damage is dealt. Any armor provided by vests as well as the innate damage reduction perks of the ranger faction affect how much damage (if any) is done to a character's health, and what other ailments, such as bleeding or pain, are applied and if extra conditions such as the bullet reaching the target's heart hit point are calculated.

Hit point model

The ARMA 3 player model has more than three times as many hit points as the ARMA 2 player model (38 vs 12). This means that damage is a lot more nuanced. In ARMA 3 damage is also distributed to surrounding hit points which creates damage values that always vary slightly with Breaking Point's custom damage handler. The further from the center mass of the body a shot lands, the less damage is done, and the large number of hit points on the character's arms and legs create a wide range of possible damage values.

ARMA 2 and ARMA 3 hit point model comparison

Damage variation

Damage dealt by firearms can vary based on the type of ammunition used.

  • Center mass area – Standard full damage, typically varies by ±5%.
  • Extremity area – Moderate reduction in damage over center mass hit, typically 20-30% damage decrease. Hits on legs do approximately 10% more damage than hits on arms.
    • Hits on legs can often inflict the character with fractures which prevent quick movement and require morphine to be healed. Taking leg damage also reduces stamina.
  • Critical hit area – Moderate increase in damage over center mass hit, typically 10-30% damage increase.
  • Headshot – Always a one hit kill, shots to the neck often count as headshots.
  • Heart hit point – introduced in version 0.1663, ammunition with above-average caliber (greater than 5.56mm) may cause one hit kill if the target's heart hit point is reached by the bullet.
  • Occasional bug – During testing there were occasional hits that did significantly less damage then expected that seemed to fall between the torso hit points. This seems to be a bug related to the ARMA 3 hit point system and happens fairly rarely.