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The DCFA is a hidden subroutine in Breaking Point. DCFA stands for "Deathly's "Can't Find" Algorithmâ„¢".

In effect, the algorithm detects players who are attempting to find specific items, such as vehicles, their repair parts, or construction components, and prevents them from effectively finding the required items.

Some examples of the items that can be affect by the DCFA are

DCFA was designed to enhance the "survival" aspects of Breaking Point to ensure that all players get the "true feeling" of being in a post-apocalyptic world with limited resources.

Version history

Current version

Patch 1.3.37

  • Improved: More accurate prediction of player behavior based on Murhpy's law
  • New: Support for dogs
  • Fixed: Hunter skin scrambling by the algorithm now works correctly
  • Fixed: Logging out no longer prevents the program from running in the background


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