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Custom user keys allow players additional hotkeys to bind for actions such as quick recovery or swapping of weapons.

Custom user keys

Breaking Point has a number of unique actions which enable players to heal faster, jump over obstacles and perform other useful actions which are accessible with just one keypress.


Binding keys

  1. While in main menu of Arma 3, select Configure (alternatively Control or Options) and then Controls
  2. Change the drop-down menu filter to Custom Controls. Here you can bind your custom user keys.
    • Note: Keys such as number keys 1-9 are reserved for weapon swapping and cannot be bound.

List of custom actions

ID Name Details Example binding
1 Heal Character sits down and starts healing after a short delay. Only health can be recovered, by default up to 75% of maximum health. H
2 Jump Jump over walls and other obstacles.
If binding this action to same key as Arma 3 defaul for Step Over (V key), Step Over needs to be bound to another key or disabled.
3 Leave Group Used to leave player groups.
4 Eat Consumes random food if in inventory. O
5 Drink Consumes random drink if in inventory. P
6 Bandage Uses a Small Bandage if in inventory. U
7 Disable Chat Disables the Faction specific chat channel(s).
8 Empty None
9 Autorun Automatic fast movement with mouse steering. Cancelled with any action.
10 Zombie Movement Currently disabled.
11 Earplugs Automatically lowers sound volume for use in vehicles and helicopters. Using the key again will revert to normal volume. End

Weapon shortcuts


The number keys enable players to quickly swap between their weapons without accessing the context menu as well as easily holstering them for faster movement.

  1. Primary weapon
  2. Secondary weapon
  3. Melee weapon
  4. Binoculars / Rangefinder
  5. Holster weapon

These keys cannot be changed and are reserved for these actions.