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Storage Item Placement

Unable to build military crate in current location.

To build a Storage Item;

  1. Have all the building materials listed on the blueprint in your inventory
  2. Double click the blueprint in your inventory
  3. A green or red image of the item you are building will be displayed. Use the keys shown on screen to rotate the item as required.
    • If the item is green, it can be built in that location
    • If the item is red, it cannot be built in that location

Collision Exploits

  • Sometimes Caches and crates can be built inside the game terrain and or clipped into environment features.
  • Any player doing so is using a "collision exploit" and any player caught abusing this exploit, will have all of their storage items attached to their account (across all servers and maps) deleted and receive a ban from playing the game.
  • The ban may be temporary or permanent.

Player Storage Items

There is a variety of items that players can construct to store their equipment and loot.

Each player can have up to a maximum of 7 x Any Storage Containers and 1 x Haven per server. This number cannot be exceeded.

  • Storage containers include;
    • Military Crate
    • Cache
    • Cast Iron Safe
    • Secret Stash
    • Chest - Haven only item
    • Icebox - Haven only item
    • Gun Cabinet - Haven only item

Military Netting

While not found very often in Breaking Point, the Military Netting can be used to make that stolen car harder to find from the air and the ground.

  • Note the Military Netting can be easily knocked over but will respawn upright on server restart.

Secret Stash

Need somewhere to hide that all important loot item? Then the Secret Stash is for you!

  • Now ingame and working

Cast Iron Safe

Requires a lot of steel and doesn't hold very much, but if you want a secure storage item (uses 4 number pin code) that is nigh on indestructible then the safe is for you! Just don't forget your Pin Code!

Military Crates

All Class Factions have the ability to create a "Military Crate". All Military crates currently share the same "skin" TBC'

The Military Crate is one of the easiest storage items to create due to low number of materials required.


Each Faction has their own specific "Cache" skin to allow for easy identification. Caches hold more than crates.

Military Crates can be harder to build due to the number and weight of the required building materials.

Name Capacity Materials Tools
Military Netting
None 4x Netting Material
4x Pair of Aluminum Poles
Military Netting blueprint
Secret Stash
Low 3x Bag of Cement
3x Bag of Sand
Cast Iron Safe
Medium 4x Steel Blowtorch
Cast Iron Safe blueprint
Military Crate
High 2x Box Of Nails
3x Small Wooden Pallet
Military Crate blueprint
Military Cache
Very High 5x Small Wooden Pallet
4x Box of nails
2 Netting Material
Military Cache blueprint

Important Note

All empty storage containers will be Deleted after the next restart.

Haven Storage

See Safehavens