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WIP Last updated 13/06/16


There is a range of items that every player should endeavour to find and keep as these items will make your journey through the wastelands of the Post Apocalypse easier and smoother.

This isn't to say the will improve your survival chances but they can help you to get from A-B much easier.

Equipable Items

Name Rarity Weight Perks Key
Binoculars Thumb.png
Common Negligible Will allow you to see long distance through the magic of magnification and lenses, not guaranteed to help you see your foes shooting at you before its too late. Press "B" in game to use, hold Right mouse Button to steady the binoculars.
Compass Thumb.png
Common Negligible Will let you Find North and used with Map will help with Navigation Press "K" in game to use or double tap "K" to keep the compass on screen.
GPS Thumb.png
Rare Negligible Combines the function of a map and compass in one. Press "Right Control and M" to bring up the GPS Hud on screen. Set waypoints by bringing up the Map and pressing "Left Shift and Right mouse click"
CenterMatches Common Negligible Using this amazing invention, you can keep away the cold nights, cook your food, boil your water and burn the caches of your foes. Used via the contextual Menu "Mouse Scroll Wheel"
Map Thumb.png
Common Negligible Will let you navigate the land but works better with the compass Press 'M' To bring up in game
Radio Thumb.png
Rare Negligible Used in the construction of the I.E.D. N/A
Rangefinder Thumb.png
Rare Negligible Use the Range finders the same way as Binoculars, also has Distance Measure and Compass Bearing inbuilt Press "B" to use, hold "Right Mouse Button" to Zoom, Press "N" to use Night Vision.
Common Negligible Allows you to check the current state of any vehicle in game and also required to do repairs on vehicles Used via the contextual Menu "Mouse Scroll Wheel"
Watch Thumb.png
Common Negligible Will tell the time and how long you have left to live.....kidding. Press "T" in game to use or double tap "T" to keep the watch on screen.
Bp surgerykit ca.png
Portable Surgery Kit
Common Negligible Allows the user to treat the life threatening wounds of another person. This does not treat thirst, hunger or infection Used via the contextual Menu "Mouse Scroll Wheel"

Factionless Clothing

For all of the Factions there is specific player skins for each level of the faction you are currently playing but for the None Class what about you?

How can you pimp out your player with style in the post apocalyptic world?

By obtaining some of the ex-military clothing below, there is something available for you for every occasion.


  • Only the None Class can wear the clothing listed below.
  • Only the None Class can pick up these clothing items.
  • Any other class that attempts to pick up the clothing items, will render them useless to any None Class that attempts to try and wear that item after it has been "touched" by a Faction Player.


Name Rarity Capacity Weight Colors Perks
Ghillie Suit Dirt
Ghillie Suit Dirt
Rare 30 80 Mix of Browns Well suited for the dry Sandy Areas
Ghillie Suit Grass
Ghillie Suit Grass
Rare 30 80 Dark green Very effective in Forests
Ghillie Suit Marksman DLC
Ghillie Suit Marksman DLC
Rare 30 80 Dark Green and Light Browns Very effective in Pine Forests and Open Fields
Ghillie Suit Tree
Ghillie Suit Tree
Rare 30 80 Mix of Greens & Browns Well suited for Forested and dry Areas
Ghillie Suit Stone
Ghillie Suit Stone
Rare 30 80 Mix of Ochre, Tans & Browns Well suited for the dry and rocky Areas
Ghillie Suit Winter
Ghillie Suit Winter
Rare 30 80 Complete White Well suited for Thirsk Winter
Guerilla Faded
Guerilla Faded
Rare TBC TBC Blue Jeans, Sand Coloured Top
Guerilla Khaki
Guerilla Khaki
Rare TBC TBC Green Top, Sand Coloured Pants
Guerilla Khaki Camo
Guerilla Khaki Camo
Rare TBC TBC Green Digital Pants, Sand Coloured Top
Guerilla Leader
Guerilla Leader
Rare TBC TBC Sand Coloured Pants, Green Digital Jacket
Russian Officer
Russian Officer
Rare TBC TBC Mix of Light and Dark Brown Patterns Perfect for asserting your authority over your Legion
Rare 30 30 Black Increased Speed when swimming