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Welcome to the Breaking Point Wiki Team Portal!

This page is meant to list ongoing and upcoming projects. Suggest and discuss major revisions and features on the talk page.

If you want to contribute to the wiki, leave a message on the Breaking Point forums wiki thread. Thanks!

Contributors are adviced to enable e-mail from other users in their preferences.

Contributing guidelines

Talk page use

When discussing changes to articles or any area of the wiki, use the talk pages.

(colons will indent the text so its easier to keep track of who is talking in the conversation)
The more colons you use the more the text will be indented.

Use the tilde key ~ four times at the end of your comment ~~~~ to sign your comment with a timestamp, complete with link to your user page and user talk page. Rhapsodios (talk) 08:38, 10 January 2016 (CET)

    • Using the tilde key ~ five times ~~~~~ will create time stamp only. 08:38, 10 January 2016 (CET)

Administrators and users

For all users, see Special:ListUsers (sorted by creation date here) or Special:ActiveUsers.


  • Deathlyrage


As the developers should not be bothered about common wiki issues, Rhapsodios and Shael6636 (talk) are handling admin duties on the wiki.

Candidates for deletion

Pages can be marked by placing the call {{delete}} anywhere on a page. You can also add a reason or links to the template with {{delete|Reason for deletion, complete with [[Main Page|links]].}} to speed up deletion process. Please leave the contents of the page otherwise intact if possible.

List of current candidates for deletion can be found at Category:Candidates for deletion.


Categorization is an ongoing process intended to help documentation and navigation of larger quantities of pages. Categories aren't used as a main means of navigation, but rather categorization for the sake of aiding future documentation, allowing wiki users to locate specific categories of pages effortlessly. They can also be used by unregistered viewers.

A page is listed on a category by placing a link [[Category:Game mechanics]] on the page (articles or categories themselves to list them as subcategories), generally at the very end of its wikitext.

A link to a category can be placed on the page, without actually including it in the category, by placing the link with colon after the first brackets ([[:Category:Game mechanics]]).

Note that the brackets used for category links are different from template call brackets ( [ ] vs. { } ).

File upload

Image files can be uploaded on the wiki. However, please use the following guidelines for images:

  • Uploaded image is not protected by copyright, that you have rights to upload it to the internet and that it doesn't contain obscenity.
  • The image is conveniently named, and images intended for personal use are prefixed with your (full) username (User Rhapsodios1 my image.jpg).
  • The image is not of excessively high file size for its intended purpose (wallpapers don't really belong on the wiki).

Ongoing projects

Specific pages

  • Main Page/editcopy – The main page is now protected from editing by all users except administrators. Suggest changes for the main page by editing the editcopy page and poke a wiki admin to have them implemented.

Articles and lists

  • Weapons article revamping is still ongoing.
  • Many gameplay and item articles require a check for inaccuracies in game facts or data.
    • Some data cannot be checked without access to game/mod data but many features can still be accurately documented by average player.
  • Many pages could use some search alias redirects.
    • A redirect is created by placing #REDIRECT [[Main Page]] on the page. This example creates a redirect to the main page.
  • Various tutorial and troubleshooting pages need a facelift and check of accuracy.


  • Category cleanup and polishing is currently in progress.


  • Video embedding on pages status unknown due to wiki lacking support for common embedding forms.
    • Another option than embedding is to create a template linking to search results on YouTube.
  • Several images have been resized for optimization reasons (mobile use and saving bandwidth in general).
  • New pictures and screenshots required on many areas (factions, missing weapons, general functions and features).

Portal page

  • Portal page revamp.

Template work

  • New: Template:Shortcut can be used to list a redirect alias to heavily used (wiki documentation) pages.
  • New: Template:Archive can be used to list links to archives of talk pages.
  • Ongoing cleaning up several table and navigation templates.
    • CSS and JS support for collapsible tables and nav frame added.

Requests and feedback

Use this section to gather feedback from the forum wiki thread.

  • Currently none.