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Pistol optics
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Close quarter optics
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Rifle optics
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Civilian optics
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Miscellaneous Attachments

Attachments are weapon accessories which modify, alter or enhance properties of the weapon or its use, consisting of various sights and scopes, suppressors, stabilizers such as bipods, cheekpieces or gun camoflaging.

Finding attachements

Different types of attachments can be found almost anywhere: Hunting supplies left behind by civilians evacuating from the area decades often contain serviceable scopes or higher grade barrels for associated rifles, while accessories typically used by law enforcement and the military can typically only be found in formerly militarized areas.

Several attachments will only spawn with specific rare weapons and can be an invaluable find.

Variety and compatibility

Some attachments may have more than one variant of it. For example, some sniper optics can come in several colour variations while certain scopes have multiple zoom levels or close quarter sights built in.

Many attachments, such as Woodland Rifle Ghillie Camo, Angled Fore Grip or Cheekpiece Attachment, can only fit on certain weapons. Some weapons do not accept any attachments at all.

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