Anti Combat Logging System

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Anti Combat Logging System refers to a number of effects which penalize players for logging out while they are still deemed to taking part in combat in Breaking Point.

Taking damage or firing shots does not flag players for "combat mode"; instead, all characters who disconnect from a server for any reason will remain active for a short period of time.

Because of the penalizing mechanics, combat logging is not a bannable offense in Breaking Point.

Lethal status

A player who disconnects from a Breaking Point server for any reason while their character is currently unconscious, flagged as traitor, or taken hostage will cause their character to become instantly killed.

Character takeover AI

Any player who disconnects from a Breaking Point server for any reason will have their character remain in the world for 45 seconds and being temporarily taken over by a passive AI. This will happen to every character so long as they are not affected by the potentially lethal statuses which kill the player character outright when disconnecting.

If the player logs out while pursued by zombies or other players, they risk having their character killed due to their character still remaining active in the world. They can also die of any other reason, such as fire, bleeding, poison or any other lethal effect.

If the player logs back in while their character is still in the world (character takeover is in process) they may get a login error and will have to try again in a few minutes.

Looting of a character taken over by the AI is disabled to prevent duplication of items. A dead character can be looted once the 45 second period of the takeover AI has expired.