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Welcome to Breaking Point Open Alpha testing, this page will guide step to step on installing Breaking Point Arma 3.

Before Installation

Before installing BreakingPoint please follow these instuctions carefully;

  1. Make sure that you have created a forum account on
  2. Make sure you have already gone through the Whitelisting procedure
  3. Please be sure that your Arma 3 fully up to date. This can be checked through steam by verifying integrity of game cache.
  4. Next, go ahead and grab the latest launcher from here

NOTE: Failure to follow these simple steps may result in installation errors

How To: Install Breaking Point Arma 3:

1. Open your Breaking Point Launcher and select Installation and Updates

Install 1.png

2. Select the Steam Workshop button

Install 2.png

3. Steam will open to the Breaking Point Steam Workshop Page. Hit Subscribe

  • You must subscribe to be able to download the BreakingPoint Mod and for updating
Install 3.png

4. Close the Breaking Point Launcher and Check your Steam Downloads.

  • It should start downloading the mod. The first time you do this it will re-download 7 GB.
  • You will also need to turn on Auto Updating through steam for Arma 3 through the Arma 3 Properties tab.
  • Failure to turn on "Auto Updating" will mean your mod will not update.
Install 4.png

5. Once steam finishes downloading re-open the Breaking Point launcher as a administrator

  • By clicking on the shortcut Right Click -> Run as Administrator.
Install 5.png

6. Select Link Steam Files.

Install 6.png

7. You should see this message and your version number will appear green.

Install 7.png


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I whitelist?

Please read this Whitelisting

Do I have to redownload the 7Gb Breaking Point Files?

Yes but you will only have to do this once.

Can I Unsubscribe from the Steam Workshop?

Unsubscribing from Breaking Point in the steam workshop , will mean you will have to re-download the 7Gb of mod files if you want to play Breaking Point.

DO NOT UNSUBSCRIBE if you want to play Breaking Point

Now that updates are done via the Steam Workshop, do I need the Breaking Point Launcher?

Yes, the launcher works hand in hand with Steam Workshop to install the updates.

DO NOT UNINSTALL the Breaking Point Launcher

I don't have a launcher update Button anymore?

Now that updates are pushed out via the Steam Workshop, you no longer need to manually run an update via the Breaking Point Launcher Updates are generally pushed out on server restarts. If your mod version is showing Red, close the Breaking Point Launcher and restart the Launcher and your mod will be updated to the current version.

Stuck on Requesting Authentication

Run the launcher and ensure your mod is updated to the latest version.


Launcher / Updater